Pokey LaFarge is a musician, songwriter, bandleader, entertainer, innovator and preservationist, whose arsenal of talents has placed him at the forefront of American music. Over the last decade, Pokey has won the hearts of music lovers across the globe with his creative mix of early jazz, string ragtime, country blues and western swing. After signing with Jack White’s Third Man Records to release his fifth full-length album (Pokey LaFarge) in 2013he performed as a musical guest on The Late Show with David Letterman and The Late Late Show on Ireland’s RTÉ One network. Pokey’s rendition of “Lovesick Blues” with Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks, featured on an episode of Boardwalk Empire, was selected for inclusion on the series’ official soundtrack (Vol. 2). Additionally, Pokey appeared in Disney’s The Lone Ranger (both on screen and on the original score), was featured on A Prairie Home Companion and NPR’s World Cafe, and recorded a song for ATO Records’ Divided & United: Songs of the Civil War, produced by Randall Poster.

2014 has been Pokey’s most momentous year yet; by spring, he had brought his music to five continents, with international tours in India, Australia and New Zealand. In the past year, Pokey’s tour trail (consisting of over 250 shows) included appearances at clubs and festivals across the USA and Canada as well as two extensive tours in Europe. Pokey has played with the likes of Jack White, The Raconteurs, Wanda Jackson, Old Crow Medicine Show, and most recently, Carolina Chocolate Drops. As an opening act on Jack White’s Blunderbuss tour, he delighted sold out crowds at Red Rocks Amphitheater and Radio City Music Hall, among other notable venues in North America. Pokey is currently touring with a five-piece backing band, including his original bandmates (Ryan Koenig on harmonica, washboard and snare, Adam Hoskins on guitar and Joey Glynn on upright bass), in addition to Chloe Feoranzo on clarinet and TJ Muller on cornet.

At only 30 years old, Pokey’s career has not slowed in momentum since it began with his first release Marmalade (2007). Shortly followed by Beat, Move and Shake (2008) and Riverboat Soul (2010), Pokey quickly graduated from breakthrough artist to leading musical figure, receiving two consecutive Independent Music Awards for Best Americana Album (Riverboat Soul and Middle of Everywhere).


Pokey’s music transcends the confines of genre, continually challenging the notion that tradition-bearers fail to push musical boundaries. Rather than merely conjuring up half-forgotten imagery of days past, Pokey is a lyrical storyteller, the plot delivered smoothly through his dynamic vocals. Both on stage and off, his effortless wit never fails to charm audiences, giving way to a live music experience that manages to be grandiose and unassuming all at once. Born in the heartland of America and based in St. Louis, Missouri, Pokey’s Midwestern charisma welcomes his audiences with open arms.

Pokey LaFarge is on a mission, encouraging fans worldwide to think differently about what it means to celebrate musical traditions. Simply put, Pokey explains, “It’s not retro music. It’s American music that never died.”

38 thoughts on “Biography

  1. My 3 yo grandson LOVES your music, runs around yelling “More! More!” Your next generation of loyal fans has been born! Keep up the amazing work, all of you, and take your vitamins!

  2. G’day blokes, greetings, respect and admiration from Down Under (Adelaide, South Australia).
    I discovered you accidentally; while doing a search for “In the Jailhouse Now” (Tim Blake/ Soggy Bottom Boys version) I had a curious peek at you live at the Loveless Cafe and was HOOKED from the opening bars. I bought online 3 of your Cds within a week; love “Live in Holland”!
    Down here, my work/business takes me to the wild Outback opal mining towns of Lightning Ridge, Coober Pedy, and Andamooka, one town at a time! The looong drives I make are filled happily with your bouncy, happy, infectious, engaging, foot-tappin’ songs from your CDs.
    I am devastated, wrecked, crushed to see that you visited Oz in March without my knowledge, without my seeing you, especially at WOMADelaide (*sob gnash wail … rends t-shirt*), but I only tapped into your website for the first time today. My loss!
    You blokes have GOT to razzle-dazzle ‘em in Lightning Ridge next time you’re down here and I’ll be happy to drive the 1600Kms (about a 1,000 miles) from Adelaide to see you there. If you need a contact on the ground to get the venue, please let me know.
    Your huge Aussie fan, love your music!
    Mike P.

  3. I am a huge fan. Your talent has greatly inspired me and I listen to your music more than any other now. I am looking forward to seeing you at Wheatland Music Festival.
    Thank you for giving us this gift.

  4. Found you on a wayward track around Youtube. So glad I did get lost in Youtube land, I am officially now a fan and it took only one video.. the first song Central Time and i was hooked. Thank you so much for keeping this wonderful music alive!

  5. Just enjoyed your music at Port Fairy Folk Festival Australia Wow!!! Awesome talent am now listening to your CD love it!!!!

  6. Just heard you on NPR , love love love the sound! Never heard anything like it except from my grandparents stereo back around 1950. Can’t get enough. Would love to see you and hear band in person if ever in Alabama! Well done.

  7. Ran across this group and decided to listen to a song. So glad I did. If Pokey ever comes within 500 miles of west Texas, I’ll drive the 1,000 mile round trip to see his show. And not just him, the whole band is just awesome. This is the kind of music we need today, not the destructive rap crap and whatever that other garbage is. Keep it up guys. You’ll do nothing but gain popularity.

    • Just caught Pokey and his band on the Marty Stuart show. Awesome. No need to disparage other true American genres like rap, the bands music stands tall on its own merits.

  8. Please consider singing commander codys song four or five times.
    If it brings you more success and you would like to thank me I would love free tickets.
    I enjoy your work.

  9. Hey Man! Just checked you out in Manchester, UK, last night. I’m pretty sure you must have realised that by the reception you received in that small club that you are GLOBAL. That audience would elect you ‘president of the world’. I had a short chat with you in Bristol Virginia/Tennessee in September (R&R Reunion)(the set was unbelievable) where you told me that you were playing Manchester in November. Bristol great – but Manchester was something else. Hey man – keep the faith. Don’t forget – “Y’remember last election, Jim Jones got electin'” – Memphis jug Band forever.

  10. I was in the audience last night for Garrison Keillor’s show. I was so delighted to hear you and your band. Such a sound! Your music is unique and rich. I hope you get more exposure. I know I want to hear more.

  11. I just wanted to mention that whenever I see you and the band perform, it just makes me happy! I hear your music and a smile just comes to my face all on its own! I have seen you 3 times now and I am going to see you in Lexington, KY tonight (I know you probably won’t see this till you’re long gone but that’s ok). Lexington happens to be where I live. I saw you twice at the Taft Theater in Cincinnati, OH and at the Ryman in Nashville with Old Crow Medicine Show. I first saw you on Woodsongs and just fell in love with your music and style! My dad loved Bob Wills and when I told him I read that Wills’ music had an influence to you, he just had to buy your Riverboat Soul album on iTunes! When I saw you the first time I just happened to be looking at an email and saw you were going to be at the Taft and since we didn’t live too far away, I called and bought my tickets immediately! I was so impressed with your humbleness and with you and the band’s friendliness to the audience. I told my husband that I really wanted to get a picture with you but I was too embarassed to ask. I finally worked up my courage just before we left and came up to you at your sales booth and told you that I was simply star struck and asked if I could take your picture and you said to me, “Well, why don’t we take one together?” That was SO awesome! I put it as my profile pic on facebook for about a month! Here I am old enough to be your mom! Can’t wait to see you tonight! I practically forced my daugtger to come see you with me in Nashville and now she’s all excited and can’t wait to see you either! This will be her third time to see you and the band perform! By the way, love the new members and I was super happy to see you on Letterman! Sorry so long!

  12. I watched you perform on the Late Show here in Ireland.I really enjoyed your music-such a great diversity of styles incorporated into your technique- brilliant stuff!! hope you will have some concert dates here -don’t go back yet!! until I see you and your band live!!!. Can I order your CD’s from this website.
    A dedicated Fan!!!!

  13. 14 Aug 2013
    Pokey I caught ur performance on Letterman the other night and u and ur band with ur song Central Time…I was totally impressed as well as Letterman. I am from St. Louis as well and u really are continuing with the rich musical heritage of this city.I checked out ur tour schedule and discovered that u r going to be playing at The Taster of ST.Louis and I am going to make it a point hopefully to catch ur show live.Continued good luck in the future and I would so enjoy possible meeting u in Sept…Sincerely,Michael Anthony Krems

  14. I had the pleasure of seeing you in Hamilton, Ohio last week. I was delighted someone of your talent would play in our small town. So sorry it rained & you couldn’t enjoy our new riverfront amphitheater. I absolutely LOVED your performance & will continue to follow your career. Have fun in Europe & I hope to see you again!

    Victoria Ginsberg

  15. Pokey, I saw you for the first time last night at home here in Texas man. I have never heard of you or your band, but when you were performing on Letterman, your song central time, you had me moving man. Your band sound really tight dude. I was wondering, why don’t you take some of Stevie Ray’s music and rearrange it your style and re-record it. No one plays any of his material, and he recorded some awesome songs man.
    Good Luck to you and your fellow musicians man.
    Richard DeRicardo–Texas

  16. I wish my mother were still alive to hear Pokey. I remember her dancing in the kitchen to Cab Calloway. She died in 1999 at the age of 83. I know she would have loved to hear his music. I know I love it ! Maybe some day he will make it to the Santa Ynez Valley California. Maybe the Chumash Reservation.

  17. Love it… love it… love it! I just recently went shopping around at Epiphone’s website and that is where I first heard of you and I was instantly captured! In an ever expanding sea of artists in this digital world… some amazing… some… well… bless their hearts (I’m more the blessed heart kind), for someone to stand out as head & shoulders above the rest in my opinion is not only testament to you (and the band), but it also brings a much needed moment of joy to the lives of people living in a world that has gone mad. I’m now on a quest to bring you to Harrisburg!

  18. Amazing shit!!!! My best buddy Mitch O’Conner just turned me on! Used to jam at the Rex theatre in Pitt!!! Ya’ll are destined for greatness! Keep humble never lose your center. Chef Matt

  19. Is Chloe Feoranzo married or in a serious relationship ???? Love to see that gal dance and really get into the music that she is playing or even when someone else takes a solo. She moves around and dances with that bright smile which I find cute as hell and I just love her for it. I enjoy seeing her in your videos.

    I really like your style of music and vocal delivery, its great !!! I’m glad that I discovered you through the Epiphone newsletter site as I am also a musician and own 11 guitars and a bass, two of which are Epiphones. But I do love the 1946 archtop model which you play. A very nice guitar back in the day when craftsmanship was of paramount importance to the then guitar manufactures.

    Just keep on doing what you do in your songwriting and singing, your lyrics are outstanding and your performance is great along with your harmonica guy and your other guitarist. All of your musicians are multifaceted and very easy to listen to.

    Keep playing and love that cute little Chloe, she is a gem and would love to see her in person at one of your venues.


  20. Hi,Pokey,I am emailing from Tauranga,New Zealand and I have just found out about you!I have heard
    your song on a Holden Advertisement and I thought,I love that song and I just had to find out who
    was doing the song.Found out that it was you and the song is,”HARD TIMES COME AND GO”.Love it!!!

    Also,on the 16th July,my husband was watching David Letterman and he said to me,you’ll like this
    group and I had a listen and thought,I like this group.And now,I am putting it all together!!!

    When are you coming to New Zealand????Specifically,Tauranga,Bay of Plenty.I would so love to hear you in concert and purchase a CD.YOu have a real good sound!!!!!!!Love your music!!!

    Is your CD available from all good record stores????I don’t buy online.I like to have the
    physical copy.To me,it’s a special gift to have someone’s CD.

    Keep up your wonderful talent.Blessings,Ruth…………………………..

  21. Your concert in Philadelphia on July 17 was amazing. It was the first time I heard you play and it was exciting. A friend asked me to come to the World Café but didn’t tell me anything about the music. I was incredibly surprised when you came on stage and began to play. Thanks for some really amazing music.

  22. Hi Mr. Lafarge! Man!! -we sure enjoyed your take on fillin the space with your wonderful organized noise. Organized in such a manner that nobody within earshot of the Main Stage in Mt. Solon, Virginia, during y’all’s Show, wasn’t given several minutes at least of additional life at the Big End, for being there!! Thank YOU and yours.
    Never forget; You get to be You! Thanks for giving back.

  23. Well done that man (Those men!)

    Planning a trip next year, around May/June. Hoping to see you play. Will visit New York and somewhere else on my way to Europe. (From New Zealand)

    Was so pleased to see you feature on a TV ad for General Motors Holden? Australia.

  24. i saw you preform at the jazzfest in new orleans this month. i was walking by from a distance and saw this girl on stage, so i took a closer look and to my surprise it was one of the best acts at the fest. even standing in the rain. i see your playing in the quad cities next month. i will be there. just wondering if the female singer is still with you? she does have quite a sparkle in her eye. your whole band is awesome.

    have a great day!

  25. Hello~
    I saw the performance at the COUNTRY CLUB SALOON in Loomis, CA on Sunday, Mother’s Day. WOW! My son had taken me for a drive to Lake Tahoe for Mother’s Day and on the way home we were listening to the radio. And then I heard The Most Wonderful Clarinet! I told my son we must find out if this is a live live performance or a recording of a live performance. Called the station and found out all about it and off we headed. It was GREAT! So, I have a little question .. with a name like Pokey LaFarge, and a little bit about the way you sound .. any connection to Louisiana? By the by, the entire group was great .. but what a gift the clarinet player has .. amazing for someone so young. Keep up the good work, hope to see you (and her) again.

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