Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are the folks in your band?

Pokey LaFarge – Guitar, Lead Vocals
Adam Hoskins – Guitar, Vocals
Ryan Koenig – Harmonica, Percussion, Washboard, Vocals
Joey Glynn – Upright Bass, Vocals
Matthew Meyer- Drums

Are your live performances always performed with a full band?

Yes!  If you see an advertisement for Pokey LaFarge coming to your town, expect the performance to be with a full band. However, every once in a while on VERY special occasions, Pokey will perform solo! Any concert announcement will specify specifically if Pokey is performing solo.

Are sheet music, chords or tabs of your songs available anywhere?

Not presently, but we are working on making these available on our website soon. Check back often for updates!

What kind of guitars/harmonicas do you play?

Pokey plays a number of different guitars, including (but not limited to) an 1946 Epiphone Spartan Archtop, a 1956 Silvertone Parlor, and a 2012 Hamm-tone Archtop.  Ryan doesn’t have a preference in harmonica brand, but plays Hohner much of the time.

Who are some of your musical influences/some artists you love?

We really like Milton Brown & his Musical Brownies, Roy Newman & his Boys, Dixieland Jug Blowers, Mississippi Sheiks, 6 & 7/8’s String Band, The Skillet Lickers, Carolina Tar Heels, Grinnell Griggers (from Missouri), Dallas String Band, just to name a few.

Where can I purchase the album Marmalade?

Sorry, it’s out of print. To purchase our other albums, visit our merchandise page and see what goods we have for sale.

We want you to play our house party/wedding/store/venue/festival! How do I get in touch with your booking agent?

Since we play over 200 days of the year, we have multiple people helping us out with booking and scheduling. We have a number of agents from around the world, so please visit our “Contact” page for more information.

Can I take photos of the band when I see them perform live?

You’re certainly welcome to take photos of us while we’re performing live. In fact we encourage it! Be sure to share them with everyone on our Flickr. However, keep in mind the rules and regulations of the venue we’re performing in…some venues don’t allow photography.

Can I schedule a professional photo shoot?

Currently, we already have relationships with other professional photographers–sorry y’all!