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2014 Central Time Tour
Limited Ed. Poster

front of shirt

2014 Central Time Tour
American Apparel 50/50
USA made, Navy Blue

back of shirt

Central Time/
St. Louis Crawl

7" vinyl single, 45 RPM
(2013, TMR-210) $6

Pokey LaFarge
CD (Red Cover)
(2013, TMR-206)


Pokey LaFarge
Vinyl LP (Silver Cover)
(2013, TMR-206)


Live In Holland
(2012, DIRT-CD-0068)

Middle of Everywhere
(2011, DIRT-CD-0065)

Middle of Everywhere
150g Vinyl LP
(2011, DIRT-LP-0065)

Riverboat Soul
(2010, DIRT-CD-0060)

Boardwalk Empire Vol. 2-
Music from the HBO Series
(featuring a track by
Pokey LaFarge!)
(2013, ABKCO)

You Don't Know Me:
Eddy Arnold
(featuring a track by
Pokey LaFarge!)

(2013, Plowboy Records)

Chitlin' Cookin' Time
in Cheatham County

7" vinyl single
(2011, TMR-082)

Fan It/Shenendoah River
10" vinyl single, 78 RPM
(2012, EVS003)

Pokey LaFarge/
Third Man Records
Refrigerator Magnet
(4" diameter)

2014 "Vinyl Logo" Tee
Ladies & Mens sizes
American Apparel 50/50
USA made

2013 Unisex Baseball Tee
American Apparel 90/10
USA made
Grey with Navy Sleeves
$18 $15

2013 Women's "Flag" Tee
American Apparel 50/50
USA made
$18 $15

2013 Men's "Flag" Tee
American Apparel
100% Cotton, USA made
Navy Blue
$18 $15

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33 thoughts on “Goods for Sale

  1. I caught you all 3 years at Newport and again at Passim in Cambridge. I can’t get enough. I only wish you’d come out with a DVD of one of your concerts.

  2. AMAZING show last night in Bloomington, IL. My buddy and I drove down from Indianapolis for my birthday and what a birthday gift it was! Every single musician on the Central Time Tour gave their heart and soul to giving us a show that will be remembered for years to come.

    If anyone ever gets the chance to see Pokey in Bloomington’s Castle Theatre, do yourself a favor and watch a local boy work a room that he’s completely at home and comfortable in. It’s magical and a real treat for any fan. Very intimate and up close and personal experience.

  3. Saw the opening show of the Central Time Zone Tour at the iconic Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa. Totally unfamiliar with your music, but the show description intrigued me. Now a huge fan and sharing your music with others. I expected Bob Wills to take stage at any moment. And felt the presence of my departed parents toe-tapping the floor next to me. Awesome experience. Thank-you.

    • John – I went along to a show in Sydney out of curiosity, going only on the description provided by the venue. Well, what a show it was!
      Totally hooked. Can’t wait for their next visit to Australia, now that I can sing along to all the songs! Every band member works SO hard on stage.

  4. Saw you on the Marty Stuart show and loved your music. Then I learned of your Kansas City show, bought my tickets and was blown away by your 4 hour show. GREAT MUSIC! GREAT SHOW! Thanks so much for keeping this music alive! Come back to KC anytime!

  5. I’ve been hooked on you guys for a couple of years now. Took a group of friends from Christchurch to Wellington New Zealand to see you at Bar Bodega. What a night

  6. Nous étions en France le 2014/07/02 à Aulnoye-Aymeries pour le festival des “nuits secrètes” et le 2014/07/07 à Eindhoven salle Effenaar,nous avons pris 2 claques à chaque concert!!
    YOU ARE GREAT !!! Sneed and Titi from Belgium !!

  7. Yesterday, I set my DVR to catch Marty Stewart and, this morning (it’s my birthday, Yeah!), I watched it. Man, I love your band’s sound and you too! It’s a great b-day gift :)

  8. I saw you on the Marty Stewart Show, and immediately went to iTunes, and bought
    your music. It’s wonderful! If you ever come to New Mexico, I’m there!

  9. I saw you at Newport Folk Festival. How great. I’m 70 years old and haven’t heard music like that for 40 of them. Thanks so much for putting my feet back in action. I’ll see you in Sept. in Chicago!

  10. well worth the 3.5 hr drive to Owensboro to see you guys romp at ROMP. Didnt catch the name of the clarinet player though…

  11. Like to see you play at the Memphis Shell in Overton Park. The best venue in one of the oldest southern midtown parks. Anne Pitts is the director if ever you have the need play the venue where Elvis first played!!

    P.S. I think Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys would be a permanent part of your audience.

  12. I enjoyed being part of last night at King Street, Masterton. How wonderful you came to us, the best night I’ve had in years! Thank you.

  13. You and your band are AWESOME! Just saw you twice at WOMAD in New Plymouth, New Zealand, and will see you again at the Black Barn in Hawke’s Bay, NZ, on Saturday 22 March 2014. You guys MUST come to Art Deco Weekend in February 2015 in Napier, NZ. You would LOVE it! The entire town dresses in 1930’s clothing (not unlike your band) and drives around in vintage cars for the weekend. You and your musical style would fit in SO WELL for that weekend here. It is NUTS…and custom made for your band! Google “Art Deco Weekend Napier” and you will see what I mean. Truly, the entire town of thousands dresses up like your band and dances in the streets all weekend long. PLUS it is HOT in February in New Zealand, so WHY NOT????????

  14. Great Great Great !! No words to express my high appreciation for your music that i love so much . I will be surely at your next concert in Amsterdam in may hoping to have your cds signed by you and your band . I just wish to see you soon in tournèe in Italy and first of all in ROME !!! All the best for all of you and a lot of success because you really deserve it !!

  15. Hello there mr Lafarge,
    I bought two of your CD’s (well not the CD, but the music, through itunes) and now I do not have the information that usually is written on the inlay. Is there a way to get the information, as I like to read a little while listening.
    I love your music by the way.
    Prof P

    Ever tried a uke?

  16. Guys, I’m beggin’. I’m on my knees as I type this. Come to Raleigh, NC. Get in touch with William Lewis, Executive Director of PineCone, the Piedmont Council on Traditional Music. My family, we love you guys. Life is a nasty whore at times, but when play your music, man, it all goes away. I thank you for being authentic and being together and making hard times a little tolerable. See you in Raleigh! Hopefully at Fletcher Theatre. It’s a smaller venue, but I promise you’ll love playing it. It’s the best room in this area, bar none. Musicians love playing it. 600 seats, great sound.

  17. I saw Pokey LaFarge on David Letterman last night. Today I ordered three of his CDs. Good luck to the band. Hope to see them in Georgia soon; (I hope they schedule Atlanta in the near future).

    Ken Whitehead

  18. ‘Dude, saw you on Letterman last night (re-run), you’re awesome! I checked your tour dates, nothing for Canada? You gotta be at the Montreal Jazz fest next year, people here will got nuts for you!

  19. Love your stuff! Can’t wait to see y’all! Know you’re coming to south to play after Europe! Wish you were coming to Richmond, VA! Have fun, be safe!

  20. Just got the new CD. Fantastic!!! You have a unique sound that I really enjoy. Everyone has got to hear this band. Can’t wait until until you come to St. Louis. See you, “Central Time”!! Thanks for the wonderful music.

  21. I loved you folks on Letterman. What a pleasant surprise for a change. Where are the XLG Shirts with a choice of designs? I sure would like to see you at The Grove in Anaheim, California. Anywhere in So. Cal. The Coach House, SJC. So. Cal.

  22. I just saw your band’s performance on Letterman and was blown away by the : musicianship, originality and of course the solefulness of the music… Your site indicates a concert in my
    hometown Ottawa that is still to be determined; has that status changed ? I would really like to see the band perform live so where is the concert ???


  23. Saw the show at red wings! Fabulous, downloaded the latest album today, but how where can I get liner notes. I’d like to know song writers, who’s playing, etc. all the good stuff you get with liner notes!

  24. Just ordered your brand new release. Hopefully it’ll find it’s way to the Netherlands fast. Can’t wait to get it in my hands…Great stuff with the clarinet……



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