Listen to tracks from the 2013 release Pokey LaFarge:

Listen to tracks from our 2012 release Live in Holland:

Listen to tracks from our 2011 release Middle of Everywhere:

Listen to tracks from our 2010 release Riverboat Soul:

NPR Tiny Desk Concert (premiere date, 4/20/2011)

24 thoughts on “Audio

  1. Pokey….met you at the Savannah Music Festival and you “lured” us to Bean Blossum…what a piece of good fortune for us! We will see you in Stoughton but will miss Shitty Barn…sold out! You just happen to do something new….a really rare thing. You have a level of energy and absolute sound like no other ever heard….thanks for the invite and we are really spreading the good word. Will bring family to Stoughton….they HAVE to hear you…and meet you! Nice shoes.

  2. I’m addicted to your Riverboat Soul CD and have started my kids on it also. Really great to hear some refreshing new music and will be checking out the rest of your CDs . I wish that I had heard of you before your New Zealand tour as I would have killed “Two Face Tom” just for his tickets. Regards Warren.

  3. I just found Pokey LaFarge. My favorite kind of music. I was running channels and just happen to stop on Loveless Barn, I think it was this past Wednesday. Pulled up past entertainment and that is when I heard the song Central Time by Pokey LaFarge. What great entertainment, makes you want to get up and dance, which I did. I am listening to sample of albums now and plan on ordering a few. I hope to be able to see him when he plays here in Nashville in Dec.

  4. how refreshing to have a modern day blues man, music is great and easy to lay back and listern to or even get up and booooooggggggyyyyyyy.

  5. Pokey,
    Looking forward to seeing you Friday night in St Louis. Hopefully I can get “Big Joe” to tag along with Alexis. I am the guy that usually drives him home from Off Broadway, his father in law.

  6. A secret no more!! Saw you on Letterman last night… WOW! HOME sound! Love it! Sharing it everywhere!!! You need to start singin’ HERE in the USA!

  7. Pokey LaFarge is the Bees Knees. This Darb will never get the bum’s rush.
    His sound is the Cat’s Pajamas ~ Check it out!

  8. enjoying this – thanks for the opportunity to listen! I look forward to seeing him perform this evening at the festival in Henderson!

  9. Caught your band on Letterman last night and WOW! Where have you boy’s been hiding? You have a fantastic sound that brings back memories of guy’s like Bix Biderbeck and others from that time. Keep doing what your doing. Just a really great down home sound.
    All the best,

  10. I saw their Letterman show and became an instant fan. Love the whole package. The clarinetist is so endearing.

  11. Sure wish you could perform here in East Lansing, MI…thousands of seniors and MSU college down the street.

    Just heard you on Dave Letterman last night and fell in love. Thank you for your special talent that you brought to us.

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