Tour Dates:

Here’s our schedule of upcoming tour dates! We update frequently, check back often!

Please confirm with venues directly for ticket availability, showtimes, and age restrictions, as venues are subject to change details without notice. Pokey LaFarge does not handle ticket sales for shows directly.

324 thoughts on “Tour Dates

  1. Please schedule a Houston date around your Old Settler’s visit (can’t go this year, but you guys will really enjoy this festival).

  2. Hey Guy´s. I saw you in Amsterdam/Paradiso april 2012. The liverecording concert. Travel´d from Sweden for the concert.
    Ok. Now we are 5-6 guy´s going from Sweden to US in october. Just a musictrip for 2 weeks.
    Nashville, Mempis and New Orleans. Are you somwere in the neibourhood in october.
    Are you coming to north Europ (Sweden/Denmark) this year.

  3. Pokey, saw you at Wheatland Music Festival in Remus, MI – loved your show! Vall on November 8 wrote “Holland is missing you guys”; I presume they meant the country, well we live in Holland, MI and we would love to see you hit the West Michigan part of our state. Great venues abound; I guarantee you’ll love it too! See you soon?

  4. Hi Pokey – I discovered your amazing and unique group at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, Belgium last year and was truly blown away! The talent of every single one of your musicians is truly incredible and you create such a great, energetic atmosphere. I listen to your CDs all the time, at home and in my car. I’m excitedly waiting until you come back here again. Please make it soon, as I’m getting desperate for another dose of your music!!

  5. Saw Pokey at Wheatland Music Fest 2014. Was able to catch them point blank in the dance pavilion, started with their trademark deadpan intro, wound it up, layer on layer, and SMOKED EM!!!!!! on Okie Boogie.

  6. Hey Lads… Dont forget about the time ye rocked the house in the crane lane theatre in cork Ireland.. let me know when ye are comin back……???:-)

  7. Dear Pokey la frage

    Please come back to the UK soon, we miss you…Loved you at the Cambridge folk fest and hey if you all need somewhere to stay in the UK, then just shout and our home is yours.

    Chris & Anna

  8. Please please please please please, when are you coming back to Scotland. I kept some holidays specially :( .Would be grand if you would come back to Portree on the Isle of Skye again, its been 3 years since i first saw you all in the Aros Centre. What a fantastic night that was :)

  9. You don’t tour in Central Europe at all, it seems =/ We have a Central Time, too, here, you’d love it!
    We would love you here in Vienna!

  10. I cannot stress to you how much I need the whole band back in the UK (specifically Brighton) as soon as possible. The live magnificence needs to course through my veins again! Please? X

  11. I saw you guys at Newport for the first time and am totally smitten! Please, please come somewhere near upstate NY – we’d love to see you again.

  12. Come and tour UK again soon – and especially Cambridge Folk Festival next year (2015)
    – open invite to band to stay in our home – just 700 yards from festival site – (you can Google “yards” – but trust me it’s close by)

    • Yes, I can’t believe you’re going to Australia and skipping Texas! [Most of] Texas is in the Central Time zone! Please come!!

  13. Please come back to Florida. I missed you the last time you were here. I am dying to see a show! Keep up the great music my friend!

  14. Sadly we missed Pokeys performance at the Newport Folk Festival after traveling from Kentucky to see him….our disappointment was apparent though the venues were super and the ocean provided a spectacular back drop…..wish we could make it to Aulnoye Aymeries but Cookesville Tennesee’s Muddy Roots may be a more achievable goal….We love your music
    Leila, Katrina and Tody

  15. There is a great music venue at my home in Cobh,cork ,ireland . It called the Sirius centre , it is a musician dream venue look it up you will be impressed .

    Ye should play there …..

  16. Montreal show (07/07) was amazing! Pokey and its band were so generous with a 2 hours +++ set! The way it finished… WOW! 4-5 songs in the middle of the crowd, no amp, no mic, the old fashion way just like Pokey said. I will remember this show for a loooooong time! Thank you and hope to see you again in Montreal!

  17. When y’all coming to the West Coast?! I’ve been a fan for years, and I’m just dying to see you in person. Seattle & Portland are swell towns and you really ought to check them out!

  18. A big blast listening to ya’ll play at the Acoustic this past weekend. Can’t wait to see ya’ll again! Came home with a lot of great Merch from you guys and haven’t taken the album off the player since. Please come back to South again!

  19. Wow! What a great show in Nijmegen, last sunday!!!
    And now i see, you´re coming back to Holland in August…YES!!

  20. I saw you perform in Omaha, NE and now I live in Charlotte, NC. I really hope you add someplace near Charlotte to your tour.

    PS; the Omaha show was amazing.

  21. My husband & I saw you on Marty Stuart Show then went to see you at the Savannah Music Festival. The show was awesome! When are you coming to Florida???? Please put us on your schedule soon!

  22. Kia ora – Great job entertaining us all in the wind and rain in New Plymouth, New Zealand. Again, your Sunday show was the highlight of the weekend for our family and the encore was very much appreciated. Good luck for the rest of your Kiwi tour and all the best for the future

  23. We stumbled upon your sunday performance by accident at the WOMAD festival in New Plymouth, New Zealand. You were absolutely fantastic! I told my family and friends to go along to your Hawkes Bay performance and they contacted me straight after to say it was one of the best concerts they had ever seen!
    Keep up the great work.

  24. Very sorry to see only one Canadian gig on the list. Would be great to see you guys make a stop in Winnipeg!

  25. I caught you at Newport Folk Festival the second time you were there. The first time you were there I was watching Preservation Hall on the other stage. I listened to your music after the festival and I had to see you guys. You came back the next year and I missed Earl Scruggs to watch you, and I’m glad I did (although, sadly, Earl passed away not too long after that, so I kind of wish I had caught his show).
    I caught you again at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA.
    You’ve got a great sound and it was made even better by the two new members.
    Can’t wait until you come back to New England!

  26. Pokey(and band),I’m a St Louis man, Seen ya a few times and was very impressed (every time).Trying to tell all that you guys are really a GREAT band! What a treasure for this town. Keep on keepin’on. God Bless Oh yeah, YOUR MUSIC MAKES ME SMILE!!!

  27. I, too, saw you on the Mary Stuart show. Phenomenal!!! I hope you make it to Tulsa to play at Cain’s Ballroom soon. It would be historical.

  28. Saw/heard you for the first time last night on Marty Stuart’s show– INCREDIBLE!!!!!
    Told my husband: These guys are so much fun, wouldn’t it be a great show if they did one with Old Crow Medicine Show?!? Grinned real big when I saw the Secor connection. ;)
    LOVE you guys!

  29. You guys are amazing! I have read a bunch of comments from other fans wanting you to come to Colorado, and I will add myself to that list! PLEASE come to Colorado! Good luck with all the traveling that you do, and please keep making that amazing music.

  30. Will you guys be playing at ROMP 2014?
    I really hope so, my first time at ROMP was the year you guys played and it was amazing.
    I thought you guys should had headlined, I just wish it wasn’t so miserably hot when you all played so more people could had enjoyed your music. :) Hope to see you guys in this summer in Owensboro.

  31. I have been a fan since seeing the band on Letterman… Will they ever tour in the Dallas/Fort Worth. Texas area?

  32. We would love to see you out on the west coast. How about scheduling a date at the wonderful venue, the Freight and Salvage, in Berkeley CA? Their new facility opened a couple of years ago and has about 300 seats. Big name bands come here regularly such as Alison Krause and Union Station. Thanks, Pokey.

  33. Really looking forward to your visit to New Zealand. I am in Christchurch and will be going to the Wellington concert. Discovered you on You Tube.

  34. Hi there! I’m a southern girl livin in Denver that really loves what ya’l are doing. It seems that you guys get around everywhere but out west. If it makes a difference, I’d like to make a request for ya’l to make it out to Denver CO!!!!

  35. I look forward to seeing you again in Philadelphia, New Jersey or New York. I sure hope you come east next year! I saw you at The World Cafe Live! Just love your music!

  36. hi pokey when will be the next time you are coming to England .I am still gutted I missed tickets for Bristol gig please come over soon I wont miss it for sure .ps I belive you eet a friend of mine in Europe aaron jones bouzouki player great guy .:)

  37. Hi,
    big fan of you and the boys.Just wanted to say that I would love to come and work for you guys on any UK tour or Europe for that matter.I would do that absolutely FREE OF CHARGE just for the buzz.I am a retired teacher age 65 yrs. but fit as Mississippi catfish on heat.I am not a fruit cake just a huge fan.I can drive,hump gear,cook and make ya smile on a cloudy day.
    Stay sane and get back to me if you can.

  38. We were at Casa Loma Ballroom for your Fabulous Show last nite. We want to attend your show on February 14th at Art Park. We aren’t able to locate the place. Could you help us out on the location. Looking forward to your next show..

  39. Can a link be provided for the venue in Saint Louis on February 14? I’m considering driving over from Louisville, Kentucky but I’m not familiar with this venue and can’t find any information about it.


  40. Take it easy, Pokey. You and the gang sounded swell in Henderson, Kentucky on the left side of the Ohio River. Come back and see us! Kentucky Mae says hello! Sure is cold. Wrap it up good. You’re a star. Keep on shinin’!

    Bro. Rick

  41. Gettin high on Central Time right now while you’re playin in Tennessee! When you coming to Chicago? Hope it’s soon. I’m gonna introduce my friends to you – ans maybe a couple a strangers too.

  42. What refreshing music. As a harminica player I am pleased you use it liberally in so many songs. Ryan is my new favorite harmonica player. Your limited use of percussion gives the music a joyful air about it. The lyrics are fresh. I can’t say enough good things about this band. Can’t wait for the Bloomington IL show in February.

  43. Love you all, love your sound, your way cool style. Need some up close, in personal. Hope to see you soon at Harlow’s in Sacramento. In fact, I’ll come see you anywhere in northern California – just don’t ask me to go to LA. I won’t do it.

  44. Dear Pokey and Band, My wife and I saw your show Sunday 12 .8 at the Red Stone Room in Davenport. You guys were awesome. We saw you at your June there and you were great. But Sunday night was special. You told the crowd that you were cooked from your ‘ white knuckle ‘ trip from Min. and that you needed some crowd energy back and asked folks to move up to the stage. That was so cool.We caught you on “Wood Songs” and we were big fans right away. We have your first and latest cd’s. Your music makes people feel good. Thanks for what you do !

    PS.I have been playing keyboards for 50 yrs and in bands or 45. So I almost know what I’m doing.

    PSS. My wife stopped me from going back and telling the sound person to turn up the guitars.

    Thanks for comming to Davenport ! ‘ Hope to see you again. Congrats on doing the “Marty Stuart” show.

    Rick Stoneking

  45. Pokie and Gang,

    Man, I love your stuff. It really strikes a chord within me. Trying to drag my ol’ lady out to see ya’ll in NODA next weekend. If she won’t roll, I will come solo. Ya’ll make me feel good, music does indeed have healing power.. Phenomenal job, keep it up, we all will follow. Much respect. JB Charlotte, NC

  46. We love your music Pokey and are looking forward to sharing the bill with you at Port Fairy Folk festival! We live in Newcastle 2 hours north of Sydney and would love to host you at our local venue. Cheers, gleny

  47. I missed the gig in Paris, France, so please let me know next time Pokey’s in town – or nearby Europe for that matter, don’t want to miss him again.


  48. Hi guys, how about some UK gigs for 2014 as you’ll find plenty of enthusiasm for your great music over here for sure.
    Best wishes and regards

  49. We love your music and would be grateful if you can give us advance warning of any UK tour planned in the future. We are sure it would be a monster sell-out. Good luck.

    Tom & Shirley

  50. Pokey,

    PLEASE come back to Ann Arbor, Michigan. We enjoyed you so much this past summer. The Ark was a wonderful place to see your FANTASTIC band perform!

    We’re waitin’ for you!

    All the best to you and the band!

    Mary Salata
    Canton, MI

  51. just bought your cd i did not know your music pick it up for the cover just love it hope to see you live soon i live in new york state

  52. I saw the band in Philly this past summer. Y’all were amazing! A really fun show.

    Come to NOLA. Nothing better than performing for a NOLA crowds.



  53. See Pokey two weeks ago and what a night ! They are so talented and can’t wait to see them again :)
    Wen are the in the uk again ?

  54. I sure wish you were coming out to play in Southern California. I LOVE your music. Sometimes I feel like the only one who doesn’t love what’s playin on the radio these days and then I talk to some people and they agree with me.

    I’ll be monitoring your tour dates in hopes of seeing you live!!!
    Love you guys!!

  55. I am from STL but just moved to Northern California. Please come to Nor Cal! Thanks for singing about Missouri- nobody else does!

  56. Heard you on Prairie Home Companion. Love your music. Coming to California in the future??? Have a super tour. A 64 year old groupie !!! God bless y’all. Pat Barovetto

  57. Great show at the Casbah, in San Diego! Love to see you guys play. I’m thoroughly impressed with your high quality talent, great conversation, and some of the best music. Thank you!

  58. ps. I forgot to mention, can you tour Montana soon. and Colorado. I will drive far and fast to see you! T. Harper

  59. Dear Pokey LaFarge, I’ve listened to Garrison since I was a wee little kid, and had you not been on his show today, it may have taken a little longer to have found you and your music. I absolutely adore it, and you can bet I will be passing your sound onto everyone I know. Its a sound I’ve always felt like. Thank you! Warm Regards! Terri Harper

  60. When are you all going to tour the east coast? You have lots of fans in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Your music is so refreshing!

    Thank you for being true to yourselves!

    Tracy Martin

  61. Instant fan after Prairie Home Companion broadcast. Please add me to any mailing list, as I am
    interested in catching the show when it comes through Seattle next.

  62. Enjoyed your “trip” to PHC tonight. Please let us know if you ever get close to Green Bay Wisconsin. We’d enjoy seeing you in person.

  63. when are you coming to Indiana? look forward to seeing you in concert someday. heard you on Prairie H. Companion. GREAT STUFF. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK……THANKS.

  64. Come to Bellingham, Washington. The Mount Baker Theatre is a find venue even if they do spell it Theatre. We fill the place for John Prine, we filled it for Herbie Hancock, we filled it for Pat Metheny and we’ll turn out in force for you and your brilliant band. I am sixty years old and have many heard great live acts. Your band gives me that dangerous feeling. It’s your pushing to the edge and looking over and barely hanging on live music that gives me that feeling.

    Listening to you on a Prairie Home Companion as I type.

  65. My wife and kids (Tyler Marolf is my son) saw you perform in Vista, CA last night. We’d like to know when you’re coming through eastern Iowa again – won’t be able to make your Cedar Rapids gig – attending the Giving Tree concert in Muscatine…

  66. Would love to know where this brilliant group will be in April/May (2014) as I’ll be in the USA for 4/5 weeks and would love to see them live. Have their 3 cd’s and seen their clips on You Tube and Root’s country and western show on Foxtell out here in Sydney, Australia. Have sold his style of blues to several of my freinds. Regards Pat.

  67. Recently heard one of your songs on KHYI, here in Dallas. Love it! Checking you out on youtube. Any chance that you be playing in Texas any time soon?

  68. As a new aficionado of Pokey LaFarge, I’ve never HAD SO MUCH FUN honoring a shared passion for a slower time in Americana where rhythm and delight blended with taking pride in being a Midwesterner! If you haven’t heard Pokie LaFarge, you haven’t yet had a good enough time escapin’ “faraway from city summer blues”. I heard them on a sternwheeler out of Marietta, OH last night and I can’t turn off their newest CD yet!

  69. Hi,
    I’m hanging out to see you perform.
    Looks like you have a huge tour schedule ahead.
    If you survive, will you come to Australia next ???

  70. Wow you’re in Dublin on the Late Late AND in Indianapolis at the same time!!! Some band!
    Great on the Late Late fair play to ye. I will pass word on.

  71. We just attended the concert at Doudna Fine Art’s Center in Charleston, IL. We sat on the 3rd row….the man that kept on hooten and hollering was our friend. Your performance was the hi-light of our summer! My husband is going through a rough time with depression and I purchased ticket after talking with Dan Crews and asking him if I could only afford to go to a few events this year what one would he suggest and your show was his first choice for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing a smile to my sweet husbands face. The line was too long to get an album but we plan to real soon. I cannot wait to go to work tomorrow at WEIU TV and tell them what a great concert they missed :) Jana Johnson

  72. Where are you playing in Scotland this year it’s mentioned on your mailer but nothing on your website onder tour dates

    Kind regards


  73. Saw you and the band on Letterman and became an instant fan. Have 3 albums now, might be your oldest fan (am a geezer-ette of 66), and am knocked out by the music. Solid combo of Leon Redbone, Jimmie Rodgers and jugband. Incredible musicianship. Thank you so much for the happiness you bring into this house. Your choice of material is unique. Are you coming to Portland, Oregon? Please?

  74. You are awesome!! Saw you for the first time on David Letterman . You were great!!!! Love your style!! When are you coming to Kansas City Mo. ?

  75. I discovered Pokey when he appeared on Letterman. I have been a blues fan for years (I’m 69 years old). I went straight to ITunes and bought the album. I plug into my I-phone with my ear buds and listen to it as I drive, walk the dogs, and just about any where else. The sound is so unique, retro but modern. I have the you tube video of the letterman appearance and have sent it to all my friends. The music is great but watching the band perform makes it even better. I live just north of the DFW area in north Texas and would like to know if the band will be in this area sometime. I love blues guitar and harmonica. Jimmy Reed, Slim Harpo, Mississippi John hurt, Stevie Ray, Vaughn, too many to mention. Pokey is now at the top of my listenin’ list.

    • I’m also a blues fan in my late 60’s, discovered Pokey on Letterman too.. If you haven’t seen him live consider a road trip ..we’ve seen him twice (1,2 hour trips) next is 4+ hours to Chicago to see them it’s worth it

  76. Never mind….kinda drunk and didn’t read the ALL CAPS at the top saying HIT NEXT. : ) mayhaps we shall catch u at the Taste of StL.

  77. We were hoping to make the Charleston show but that aint gonna happin. We live in the StL area and we aren’t seeing any shows after that. Are u taking a break after the tour o’ Europe? Or ya gonna be playin back round these parts?

  78. Just discovered you and am so excited you will soon be back in St. Louis. I will be there!
    Enjoy Europe, especially Switzerland.

  79. I am so grateful you do what you do – Thank You!
    Along with my family, we moved to the St. Louis area about three years ago – sure wished we could have seen you live.

  80. Saw your spot on Leterman and was VERY impressed. Love your music !!! I will follow your travels and hope you are near the Detroit area soon. You would be a perfect for the ARK in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Get your agent to book you there.

  81. Saw the band on Letterman last night ( 8/12 )and you were fantastic! Looking forward to seeing some Midwest dates on your itinerary. Enjoy Europe! ( btw, the 11 in my e-mail address is for the number of World Championships the Cardinals have won. Hope to have to change it to 12 this year )

  82. Just saw you on Letterman….you are amazing!…can’t wait to see you in person…please let me know when you are in the los angeles area…you are fabulous! …diane

  83. WOW! Historically/period correct! Just saw you on Letterman. We live near Disneyland … Southern California. Have a great European/UK tour. My grandfather was music director at the West Baden Hotel in French Lick, Indiana 40s, 59s, until he passed in ’65.

    Again WOW!!!

  84. Hi Pokey –

    Loved you on Letterman! When are you coming up to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St.Paul?

    We get down to St. Louis about twice a year and were just there for July 4th. Where do you perform in St. Louis?

    Look forward to seeing you.

    Dann Dobson

  85. How about touring in Florida. Try Lyric Theayre in Stuart Florida, an old fashionef but restoref small theatre. Or for a little larger and fancier, try Fort Pierce, FL, The Sunrise Theatre. For huge and modern, look to West Palm Beach, FL. I love your sound and would like to hear you live. Best wishes, Kaarma

  86. I do a show called Americana Breakdown on WAMU’s Bluegrass Country on Saturday nights 9 pm to midnight (moving to Friday nights at 9 pm beginning August 16th). I’ve been a fan for years. I really like the new album, and I’ve been playing it on my show. Wishing you all great success with the new album.

  87. Waiting for the date for Leeds Yorkshire, last time you played Leeds I was flying out to Spain on Holiday, Saw you on Jools Holland really liked your music disappointed I missed you last time but got people interested in your sound from my C D’S. I have.
    Best wishes.

  88. Just saw you on Letterman. Love your music. Any plans to perform in northern California?
    Thanks a bunch,

  89. Please come to Charleston SC sometime. Saw you in Va and loved your music. But I live here and would love to see you perform again. So would my friends!

  90. Heard you on NPR (WEMU) was so impressed drove 2 hours to Kzoo and was worth every minute ..Pokey mentioned he would be in Detroit in September… Where and when?

  91. Please come back to Paducah ky. I had tickets to go but I was forced to work that night sorry that I missed you so could you come back please i really enjoy your music thanks a lot.

  92. I just found you on YouTube and I just love your music! Do you ever have concerts in Ontario Canada? Would love to see you live!

  93. Thank you so much for coming to Toronto and performing at the Horseshoe tavern. Very enjoyable show – hope you come back soon – Cheers!

  94. Thank you so much for playing this quality of music. I so glad to hear this much enjoyment and artistry from such young players. Keep up the great work!

  95. Saw you on Letterman. Love you! Please come to California. Specifically Folsom, Ca but we will
    travel further to see you.



  97. Absolutely love the new album….Please keep me posted for future concert dates in my area. Portland Oregon……….

  98. Please come to Kansas City. You would enjoy playing at Grinders in the Crossroads outdoor venue-not that you need me to tell you where to go & what to do.

  99. Heard you in the movie Lone Ranger and saw you on the David Letterman show. I live out here in sunny Scottsdale, AZ. If you ever play out here in this area, please let me know. There are plenty of venues to play at and several Indian casinos that feature talent such as yours.
    We really enjoy your music,so keep up the good work!


  100. First saw you guys at Merle Fest 2013….was blown away and have been a fan every since! Was so excited to see you on Letterman…fantastic as usual, hope to see you again soon in North Carolina !

  101. Pokey, I saw you on Letterman for the first time. I been a musician all my life and I was knocked-out by you and your band. Keep playing those old archtops. I’m going out on a limb for only the second time in my life (the first was when I predicted that Brian Setzer would be a big star) and predict that you and your band will become huge stars world-wide. Keep speaking up for our great city, St Louis. Break a leg Pokey
    Dale Larsen, boardmember, St Louis Classical Guitar Society, Wildwood, Mo.

  102. Dear Pokey, Please pick a date for Memphis-MISSOURI-population 1,822 if we all stay home this weekend and double during the Antique Fair. I am the outgoing president of the Li’l Memphis Blues Society and we love y’alls sound enough to know we want to see you IN Memphis. Name a date and we’ll get you into the 150 seat Memphis Community Theatre or the 250 seat VFW hall or the 500 plus courthouse lawn or the 1000 seat County Fair grandstands we use each accordingly.
    Thank you for “Central Time” -we live it and get by with it e’vry day.
    Most sincerely,

  103. Congratulations on playing Letterman! You guys were great. When do you think you’ll be back
    in St. Louis again – I promise I’ll bring a lot of friends!

  104. Hey I just saw ya on David Letterman… EXCELLENT… I am Lee Carroll friend I came to every house party you did for him… Come back to PA.

  105. Pokey:

    Great performance on Letterman last night. Really enjoyed it. Reminiscent of some of my favorite old time bands, Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen, Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks and some Band songs. Anyway, do you ever tour out in California. Two great venues you might want to consider, Canyon Club in Augora Hills and SoHo’s and/or The Lobrero Theater in Santa Barbara. Look forward to seeing you guys live in California.

  106. Saw you on Letterman! FAN-STINKIN-TASTIC!
    You guys are stupidgood!!!!!!!
    playing back at home anytime soon?????

  107. Saw you guys on Letterman. You guys were awesome!! Come to Florida so we can see you.

    What a nice change to see people actually playing instruments.

    Great Job!

  108. Wow!! I watched you and your band last night on Letterman and boy was I impressed! You are all great musicians.
    I hope you come to the San Francisco bay area in the future. I live in Mill Valley Ca. and if you ever have heard of the Sweatwater Music Hall in MV thats a great small venue to play at. I’m checking you guys out on You Tube.
    Thanks for the great music.

  109. Love your music you all have such a unique sound! I’m originally from the southside of STL. and it’s great to hear you guys playing. Now all you need to do to make my day is to book somewhere down near Tampa since I now live in Lakeland, Fl.

  110. Would love to see you come out for a gig at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano (Orange County, California) and/or McCabe’s in Santa Monica. You guys would be a big hit.

  111. Loved your performance on Dave Letterman. Checked your tour dates—-all east coast, Canada, and Europe. Get to west coast (Los Angeles) sometime soon. Have a great tour! Pat

  112. Just saw you and your group on Letterman……you are terrific….come out west…….going to order your album, and will watch to see how your tour schedule evolves.
    Best wishes for a successful tour.

  113. Hope you can put me on your mailing list. Would like to know when you’ll tour the southeast, especially Carolinas and Tennessee, or even florida. Fun number you did on letterman.

  114. Phx,AZ needs you. Saw you on letterman and thought you guys were pretty fantastic. Is it true Dave will be driving the bus?
    Good stuff.
    Jeff h.

  115. Saw ya on LETTERMAN/////////smooth……..Gotta make it to Chicagoland
    Northwest Suburbs for real Pokey! Elk Grove Village and Schaumberg, Il.

  116. Oh also the Vinyl in Pensacola , Florida and the Sanger in mobile , Alabama and callahans in mobile. Come to the south for southern hospitality . Friend me in face book Renee Minnefield -Black

  117. I was watching david letterman on July 16,2013 omg. I never heard or seen you guys and 1 lady before. You guys are awesome jazzy, folk, country blues back woods …. I loved it. I you tuned you that might and found you on Facebook and posted you guys. You have to come to Alabama . To a bar/ club calked the Florabama, also to Lillian , Alabama to a restaurant bar calked the Lillian Cafe( don’t let the name fool you. The part of Alabama you , I am inviting you to is on the Gulf of Mexico. Come on. Maybe check out Bay Fest it is a 3 day music festival in Mobile , Alabama the first weekend in October or the hangout fest in Gulf Shores, Alabama usually the 3 rd weekend in may. Ok ok hope to see ya oh don’t forget the new Orleans jazz fest too

  118. Hope you can make it down to Charleston, SC sometime soon. Enjoy you on Letterman. By the way, did all the Letterman fans crash your website?

  119. first time last night at the SNAILPIE. GREAT SHOW. hope to see you guys again. our son actually introduced steve to you and the band (but couldnt make it to the show ). hope to see you and the band again.

  120. We’ll be in St Louis in October – would love to see you. Will you be doing a show anywhere near there? We’re from Washington State, coming to St Louis for my gramma’s 100th. Your music makes us HAPPY. Classic blues, classic St. Louie rag! – you rock! Your harp player rocks too btw

  121. Hello!

    Are you ever going to tour in Europe? Many cities like Vienna would love to welcome you and your music.


  122. Wonder if you will ever come back to Bellingham,Wa. Congrats on all your success and fame. You are all so fine. I am a fan from way back, and who would have thought you would come to,Bellingham last year. Keep makn’ music… Susan

  123. I see you played in Cork / jazz fest last year. I will be in Cork Sun Oct 27 during the jazz fest this year. Would love to see y’all play in Ireland!

  124. Dear Sir.
    I dont suppose you could give me a hint of if Pokey and the Boys will be back in UK in November in particular London or Brighton I love them and cant wait to see them again! Be very grateful.

  125. Pokey was scheduled to play at the Appalachian Brewery in Harrisburg PA. in July. When we went to get tickets, we were told that he wasn’t scheduled to play on that date any more. Is he scheduled to play at the Appalachian Brewery in Harrisburg PA. on a different date? I hope so.

  126. Hi to Pokey and the Boys! Just wanted to drop you a line to say that your new album is fantastic!! We saw you last year at the Regina Folk Festival and would love to see you again. Any plans to come within 500 miles of Regina, Saskatchewan sometime soon? We wouldn’t mind a 500 mile drive to watch you play live; it’s a treat!!
    I have one other burning question, who do you love more, your Kentucky Mae or the Bowlegged woman?

  127. Are you planning on coming to Sweden or Denmark? I really enjoyed seeing you at the Akkurat in Stockholm.

  128. Hello, looking forward to concert in Holland , when Pokey and his band are coming to the Netherlands again ?

    Greetings of big fan Cees Bouma , Leeuwarden , The Netherlands

  129. HI, I picked up one of your postcards off the board at the barber shop pokey goes to. Talked to dave at southtown barber shop on chippewa about you guys ,until today had never heard of you guys. Just listened to some of your stuff on line—wow you guys are really good. At some point i would like to see you guys perform. Dave told me at some point you guys would be on David Letterman– is that true ? Thanks BIG JIM

  130. Are you planning to be home in St Louis at the beginning of October? If so, are you performing? I’ll be in town then.

    I’ll keep an eye on your web site for future engagements.


  131. Hi, it would be nice if you played more venues that are in ‘central time’. Come to Lawrenceville, Illinois!

  132. I recently saw your performance at RMC in the Quad Cities and was BLOWN AWAY! That was the best musical performance I have seen in a great long while. Everyone in the band is excellent at what they do, but I have to say the harmonica player was through the roof that night!!! I totally appreciate your professionalism as a group and Pokey as a group leader. Best wishes to all of you- you deserve a Grammy!

  133. please come to san diego california

    anywhere anytime…

    [possibly acoustic san diego venue…small intimate church]

    just ran across you today!

    love it!

  134. Just want to say how fantastic the new album sounds. I don’t see any dates for London UK when are you guys coming over.

  135. Please get Pokey to come back to LA ! also….an all ages show would be great because Im 16 and couldnt get into the last one at the echo!

  136. Hello Pokey,

    Congratulations on the new album, it is fantastic!

    We hope that you will be able to visit Indianapolis sometime soon.

    Appreciative Fan,

    Doug Carpenter

  137. Any chance you guys could make it over to western Canada? I mean us here in Alberta would love for you guys to come back! Cheers

  138. Dear Pokey Sir,

    Minnesota got a lot colder when I received the news that you played at my favorite venue a small week before I tripped over my feet and found your delightful tunes. My heart is a bit broken; however, it is easily repairable upon you returning back to this sweet state. I hope to see you soon, sir. To the best of your travels and tunes– I’ll be jiving.

    May Peace be the Journey,
    Elli Holliday

  139. Hi there. Is there any dates in Scotland – Glasgow or Edinburgh will do for me !!!

    Pack it up and get travelling to the land of the heather.


  140. Hello Pokey
    Greg Here, I worked as the rigger/carp on tour with Jack White last year and got to know you and your band. Sure do miss seeing you guys. I am trying to buy tickets to the show at third man records this weekend but they say that it is sold out. I really would like to see you and the boys, call me at 808-936-4400 if you can. I would also like to throw my name in for taking care of FOH Sound for your tour, if ever you want or need a guy like me. Hope to see you this weekend, Thanks. Greg

  141. Hey guys please come to Newcastle as part of your uk tour later this year.
    Hope you can make it .



  142. Pokey and the boys from St. Louis embody the spirit of Jimmy Rogers, Django Rheinhart and Jim Kweskin (alliteration, eh?). Not only are they tight, with impeccable virtuosity, they exude a spirit of truly American music rarely heard today, and most importantly, you can’t help but tap your toes.
    Keep it up ’cause “I’m so happy I’m singin’ La La La”.

  143. Hello, my husband is in love with you guys. Is there anyway while in Cinci you can do a show in Columbus, Akron, Canton, or Cleveland? It would be so great and we would love to see you!
    Thanks, Kerri

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